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  1. Composer: Gwigwi And His Gwigzas Grey Mbau | 0000-00-00 | Gwi-Gwi, Gwigzas, Jive, Mbau,Grey, Ballantine | Jive
  2. Composer: Reggie Msomi And The N D Hotshots | 0000-00-00 | Msomi,Reggie, N D Hotshots, Ballantine
  3. Composer: Black MambazoR Bopape (Composer)I Nkosi (Composer)A Lerole (Composer) | 0000-00-00 | Black Mambazo, Bopape,R., Flute, Lerole,Aaron Jack, Nkosi,I., South Africa, Ballantine | Flutes
  4. Composer: The HilitesZ. Malgas (Composer) | 0000-00-00 | Hilites, Jive, Malgas,Z., Vocal, Ballantine | Vocal Jive
  5. Composer: The Mapoko Singers | 0000-00-00 | African Record, Mapoko, Mapoko Singers, Ndebele, South Africa, Transvaal, Ballantine | Pressed In South Africa; Traditional; Initiation SongMapoko (Transvaal Ndebele)
  6. Composer: Simon MbathaS Mbatha (Composer) | 0000-00-00 | concertina, Guitar, Mbatha,Simon, Zulu, Ballantine | Zulu Guitars And Concertina
  7. Composer: Smokey AcesB Dubs (Composer) | 0000-00-00 | African Record, Dubs,B., Jive, Smokey Aces, South Africa, Ballantine | Pressed In South AfricaJive
  8. Composer: Manhattan Brothers | 0000-00-00 | Jive, Manhattan Brothers, South Africa, Ballantine | Made In South Africa (By Gallo Africa LTD)Jive


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