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  1. Composer: Magayo SeyombeChikunda men and women | 1949/09/19 | Chikunda, Chikunda, Chiwele, dance, Drum, Magayo Seyombe, men, Mozambique, Portuguese East Africa, Sena, Song, Southern African, women, ILAM | Chiwele dance song for men and women accompanied by 5 drums. Refer ILAM field card C5Q15
  2. Composer: Myutu PaisoniChokwe men and women at Roan Antelope Mine | 1949/08/09 | Chiyanda, Chokwe, Chokwe, dance, Luvale, men, Myutu Paisoni, Northern Rhodesia, Roan Antelope Mine, Song, Southern African, Unaccompanied, women, Zambia, ILAM | Unaccompanied Chiyanda dance song for men and women. Refer ILAM field card C4B11
  3. Composer: Shangaan women | 1949/05/29 | dance, Drum, Shangaan, Shangaan, Song, South Africa, Southern African, women, ILAM | Refer ILAM field card CH 1Women's dance song with drum
  4. Artist(s): Solomon Muyanga, home made guitar acc. | Composer: Men and women at XinavaneSolomon Muyanga (guitar)Pedro Kosa (singer)Pedro Kosa (Performer, singer)Shangaan Men and Women | 1949/05/26 | dance, Guitar, Incomati, Mozambique, Pedro Kosa, Portugese East Africa, Ronga, Shangaan, Solomon Muyanga, Song, Southern African, Town dance, Xinavane, Xinavane, ILAM | The song is an invitation to the girl, asking her to tell storiesRefer ILAM field card CE8Dance SongSemi-Portuguese StyleFurther details refer ILAM field card (CE8)
  5. Composer: Shangaan men | 1948/03/11 | children, dance, Mozambique, Portuguese East Africa, Shangaan, Shangaan, Shangaan men, Song, Southern African, ILAM | Shangaan dance song for children sung by menRefer ILAM field card K2
  6. Composer: Muchaenda SigaukeNdau men | 1951/06/19 | Clapping, dance, drinking, monkey, Muchaenda Sigauke, Ndau, Ndau, Shona, Song, Southern African, Southern Rhodesia, Stamping, Zimbabwe, ILAM | Drinking song to accompany dance, with clapping and stamping. Refer ILAM field card E2P12
  7. Composer: Mataka MwanzaNgoni men and women at Roan Mine | 1949/08/10 | dance, drinking, Mwanza,Mataka, Ngoma, Ngoni, Ngoni, Northern Rhodesia, Roan Antelope Mine, Song, Southern African, Unaccompanied, Zambia, Zulu, ILAM | Unaccompanied drinking song also used for dance. The men dance and the women sing. Refer ILAM field card C4C1
  8. Composer: Zulu men and women of Church of Nazareth (Shembe) (Performer)Isaiah Shembe (Composer) | 1955/01/24 | Church of Nazareth (Shembe), dance, Dance music, Ekuphakameni, Hymn, Isaiah Shembe, KwaZulu-Natal, Natal, Religious music, Shembe, South Africa, Southern African, Unaccompanied, Zulu, Zulu, ILAM | Hymn for dancing, unaccompanied. Hymn number 173. Further details refer ILAM field card (H1C2)
  9. Composer: Atomic Dance Band | 1950/06/14 | Atomic Dance Band, dance, Drum, East African, Guitar, Nguja, Rumba, Swahili, Tanganyika, Tanzania, ILAM | Rumba with guitars and drumsRefer ILAM field card D2U12
  10. Artist(s): JP Odera (Performer) | Composer: JP Odera | 1950/08/01 | dance, Dho Luo, East African, Guitar, Indigenous music, Odera,J.P., Popular music, Song, Tanganyika, Tanzania, topical, Traditional music, ILAM | Topical song accompanied by the guitar. Further details refer ILAM field card number D4R15


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