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  1. Artist(s): Jim D Gondwe (Composer/Performer)Vijana we Mbeya (Performer) | Composer: Jim B Gondwe (Composer/Performer)Vijana wa Mbeya (Performer) | 1950-00-00 | banjo, Bass Drum, dance, Guitar, Jim B. Gondwe, Malawi, Nguja, Nyasaland, Popular, Rumba, singing, Southern African, Swahili, town, urban, Vijana wa Mbeya, ILAM | Rumba dance performance with singing. ILAM field card number is unknown
  2. Composer: Mataka MwanzaNgoni men and women at Roan Mine | 1949/08/10 | dance, drinking, Mwanza,Mataka, Ngoma, Ngoni, Ngoni, Northern Rhodesia, Roan Antelope Mine, Song, Southern African, Zambia, Zulu, ILAM | Unaccompanied drinking song also used for Ngoma dance. Refer ILAM field card C4C3
  3. Artist(s): William Mseleku (Leader)Mseluku and his merrymakers (Performer) | Composer: William MselekuMseluku and his merrymakers | 1960/01/01 | Choir, dance, Guitar, Indigenous music, Marabi style, Merrymakers, Mseleku,William, Piano, Popular music, Rhythm sticks, Rumba, South Africa, Southern African, Traditional music, Violin, Zulu, ILAM | Rumba dance accompanied by various instruments and a choi
  4. Artist(s): ET Mensah (Leader)ET Mensah's Tempos Band (Performer) | Composer: ET Mensah's Tempos Band (Performer) | 1958-00-00 | Brass instruments, dance, Drum, Ghana, Guitar, Indigenous music, Mensah,E.T., Rhythm sticks, Rhythmic beats on bottle, Rumba, Saxophones, Tempos Band, Trombone, West African, ILAM | Dance performed by a small band of musicians, playing various brass instruments and rhythmic instruments
  5. Composer: Ngoni men and women at Wusakili Compound | 1949/08/04 | Chitelele, Clapping, dance, girls, Ngoni, Ngoni, Northern Rhodesia, Song, Southern African, women, Wusakili Compound, Zambia, Zulu, ILAM | Chitelele dance song for girls and women, accompanied by clapping. Refer ILAM field card C3W9
  6. Composer: Noah LaisiKaonde men and women at Broken Hill Mine | 1949/08/16 | Broken Hill Mine, dance, Drum, Kaonde, Kaonde, Laisi,Noah, Lumba, men, Northern Rhodesia, Showongo, Song, Southern African, women, Zambia, ILAM | Showongo dance song for men and women, accompanied by conical and goblet drums. Refer ILAM field card C4HI1
  7. Composer: Tumbuka Henga men at Roan Antelope MineWaddy Kajawa Chirwa | 1949/08/11 | Chirwa,Waddy Kajawa, dance, Henga, Henga, Malipenga, Muwuso, Northern Rhodesia, Roan Antelope Mine, Song, Southern African, Tumbuka, Tumbuka, Zambia, ILAM | Muwuso song to accompany the Malipenga dance. Refer ILAM field card C4D2
  8. Artist(s): ET Mensah (Leader)ET Mensah's Tempos Band (Performer) | Composer: ET Mensah's Tempos Band (Performer) | 1958-00-00 | Big band music style, Calypso, dance, Drum set, Ghana, Guitar, High Life, Instrumental, Mensah,E.T., Percusssion instruments, Popular music, Religion, Rhythm sticks, Tempos Band, West African, ILAM | Calypso dance performed by a small band of musicians
  9. Artist(s): Arthur de Coteau (Leader) | Composer: The Casablanca Steel Orchestra (Performer) | 1900-01-00 | Calypso, Caribbean, Casablanca Steel Orchestra, Creole, dance, de Coteau,Arthur, Instrumental, Iron bell, Popular music, Steel pans, Traditional music, Trinidad, ILAM | Calypso dance performed on various instruments.Further details refer ILAM shellac record (commercial recordings) number: CR1005
  10. Artist(s): Mafutha Amhlophe (Leader) | Composer: Mafutha Amhlophe | 1954-00-00 | Afrikaans, dance, Electric guitar, English, Guitar, Indigenous music, Mafutha Amhlophe, Popular music, South Africa, Southern African, Tin rattle, Tomato, Traditional music, ILAM | Dance performed on various instruments


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