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  1. Artist(s): Nourse Mines Basutos (Performer) | Composer: Nourse Mines Basutos | 1900-01-00 | Choir, Folk music, Indigenous music, Nourse Mines Basutos, Ramakhobotlo, recitative, Song, Sotho, South Africa, Southern African, Tin whistle, Traditional music, ILAM | Traditional song performed by a group of men
  2. Artist(s): Rathsidi Baralong Singers (Performer)E Tamenti (Conductor) | Composer: Rathsidi Baralong SingersE Tamenti | 1900-01-00 | Botswana, Hymn like, Indigenous music, men and women, Part singing, Popular music, Rathsidi Baralong Singers, Religious music, Song, South African, Tamenti,E., Traditional music, Tswana, Unaccompanied, ILAM | Unaccompanied, hymn like song performed by men and women.
  3. Composer: Chabarwa Musunda Sinyoro Moyo (Performer) | 1948/04/30 | Indigenous music, Karanga, Mbira, Moyo,Sinyoro Chabarwa Musunda, Njanja, Njari, Salisbury, Southern African, Southern Rhodesia, Traditional music, Zimbabwe, ILAM | Traditional tune with Mbira / Njari dza maNjanja.Further details refer ILAM field card (AQ8)
  4. Artist(s): Mafutha Amhlophe (Leader) | Composer: Mafutha Amhlophe | 1954-00-00 | dance, Electric guitar, Guitar, Indigenous music, Jive, Mafutha Amhlophe, Popular music, South Africa, Southern African, Traditional music, ILAM | Dance performed on various instruments
  5. Artist(s): Jake Lerole (Leader)His Rhythm (Performer) | Composer: Jake LeroleHis Rhythm | 1954-00-00 | Double Bass, Drum, Guitar, Hi-hat, His Rhythm, Indigenous music, Jake Lerole, Jive, Kwela, Popular music, South Africa, Southern African, Tin whistle, Traditional music, ILAM | Dance referred to as a Tin Whistle Jive. Sounds like kwela music
  6. Composer: Zhuake Nasinyi (Performer) | 1954/06/06 | Dance song, Indigenous music, Makulane, Mbira, Mozambique, Ndau, Nova Mambone district, Portuguese East Africa, Southern African, Traditional music, Zhuake Masingi, ILAM | Two dance tunes for Nandowa dance. Further details refer to ILAM field card no. G1A6a.
  7. Artist(s): Ensemble Gabrielle Kiwaya (Performer) | Composer: Ensemble Gabrielle Kiwaya | 1900-01-00 | Belgian Congo, Call and response, Central African, Chant-like, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Drum, Ensemble Gabrielle Kiwaya, Indigenous music, Song, Traditional music, Women singing, ILAM | Traditional song performed by women. The other title provided on the label is "Chant Folklorique Bayanzi".
  8. Artist(s): Girls from Macia village (Performer) | Composer: Girls from Macia village | 1955/10/11 | Clapping, dance, Folk music, Macia village, Mozambique, Portuguese East Africa, Shangaan, Song, Southern African, Tonga, Traditional music, Two cylindrical oil can Drum, Whistles, ILAM | A Masesa dance song accompanied by whistles and pegged drums made of oil cans. The dancers wore skirts made of lala palm. Further details refer ILAM field card number H1R11
  9. Artist(s): Norman Span (Leader)The Merry Makers Steel Orchestra (Performer) | Composer: Norman SpanThe Merry Makers Steel Orchestra | 1900-01-00 | Calypso, Caribbean, Creole, dance, Instrumental, Maracas, Merry Makers Steel Orchestra, Popular music, Song, Span,Norman, Steel pans, Traditional music, Trinidad, ILAM | Calypso dance performed on various instruments.Further details refer ILAM shellac record (commercial recordings) number: CR1001
  10. Artist(s): Nasuti Social Club (Performer) | Composer: Nasuti Social Clu | 1950/09/02 | Central African, Christianity, Eight Budongo, Eleven note Likembe mbira, Folk music, Indigenous music, Nasuti Social Club, Nsaasi flat tin rattle, religious, Soga, Song, Traditional music, Uganda, ILAM | Religious song accompanied by various indigenous instruments. Further details refer ILAM field card number D5Y1


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