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  1. Composer: The Black Hammers | 0000-00-00 | The Black Hammers, Ballantine
  2. Artist(s): Flying Jazz Queens | Composer: Grace Msika (Composer) | 0000-00-00 | Flying Jazz Queens, Jive, Msika,Grace, South Africa, Vocal, Zulu, Ballantine | Zulu Jive Vocal
  3. Composer: Mahicuane Reformador De CancoesF M Macuvele (Composer) | 0000-00-00 | African Record, Macuvele,F.M., Mahicuane Reformador De Cancoes, Portuguese, Shangaan, South Africa, Ballantine | Pressed In South Africa Portuguese Shangaan
  4. Composer: Bhekizenzo Shezi And Party B Shezi (Composer) | 0000-00-00 | Guitar, Shezi,Bhekizenzo, South Africa, Vocal, Zulu, Ballantine | Zulu Guitar Vocal
  5. Composer: St. Lous BluesStrike Vilakazi (composer) | 0000-00-00 | Jive, St. Louis Blues, Vilakazi,Strike D., Ballantine | Jive Band
  6. Composer: Boiling Waters Choir A. Dhlamini (composer) | 2007/06/15 | Boiling Waters Choir, Dhlamini,A., Zulu, Ballantine
  7. Composer: The Shandies Brothers | 0000-00-00 | The Shandies Brothers, Ballantine
  8. Composer: Ben NyanduBen Nyandu (Composer) | 0000-00-00 | Guitar, Nyandu,Ben, South Africa, Vocal, Zulu, Ballantine | Zulu Guitar Vocal
  9. Composer: Reggie Msomi | 0000-00-00 | Msomi,Reggie, Ballantine
  10. Composer: Zonk Jazz BandP D Simandla (Composer) | 2007/06/22 | Band, Jive, Simandla,P.D., South Africa, Zonk Jazz Band, Ballantine | Gramophone Record Co LTD (Sole Dist); Made In South AfricaJive Band


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