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  1. Composer: Spokes Mashiyane and His All Stars | 0000-00-00 | All Stars, Jive, Mashiyane, Spokes, Ballantine | Jive
  2. Composer: Paynville QuartetBob Lesia (Composer) | 2007/06/22 | Jive, Lesia,Bob, Paynville Quartet, Saxophone, South Africa, Ballantine | Gramophone Record Co LTD (Sole Dist); Made In South AfricaJive (Saxophone)
  3. Composer: Spokes Mashiyane and his Big 5, J Monaheng (Composer) | 0000-00-00 | Big Five, Jive, Mashiyane, Spokes, Monaheng,J., Ballantine | Jive
  4. Composer: Kid BogardE Piliso (Composer) | 0000-00-00 | Jive, Kid Bogard, Piliso,Edmund, Saxophone, South Africa, Ballantine | Saxophone Jive
  5. Composer: Elias And His Zig Zag Jive FlutesR Bopape (Composer) | 0000-00-00 | Bopape,R., Elias, South Africa, Zig Zag Jive Flutes, Ballantine | South Africa
  6. Composer: West NkosiW Nkosi (Composer) | 0000-00-00 | Band, Jive, Nkosi,West, Ballantine | Band Jive
  7. Composer: Boy MasakaDavid Mope (Composer And Leader) | 0000-00-00 | Jive, Masaka,Boy, Mope,David, Saxophone, South Africa, Ballantine | Saxophone Jive
  8. Composer: Jazz DazzlersH Masakela (Composer), | 0000-00-00 | Jazz Dazzlers, Jive, Masakela,H., Ballantine | Jive
  9. Composer: Slizers Big 9S Ramogase (composer) | 0000-00-00 | Ramogase,Silas, Slizers Big 9, South Africa, Ballantine | South Africa


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