Chepkongo bowl lyre

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  1. Artist(s): Chemutoi Ketienya with Kipsigis girls | 1950/09/15 | Chepkongo bowl lyre, East African, Indigenous music, Kenya, Ketienya, Chemutoi, Kipsigis, Kipsigis, Kipsigis, ILAM | A humorous song with Chepkongo 6 string bowl lyre. The mysterious singer and dancer, Chemirocha has been turned into a local god Pan with the feet of an antelope, half beast, half man. He is urged by the girls to do the leaping dance familiar to all Kipsigis so energetically that he will jump clear out of his clothes. The name Chemirocha is based upon the guitarist Jimmy Rodgers.Details from ILAM field card number: D6L 22b.


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