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  1. Composer: Spokes Mashiyane & Ben Nkosi (Performer)Spokes Mashiyane (Composer) | 1905/05/13 | Dance music, Flute, Guitar, Jive, Mashiyane, Spokes, Nkosi, Ben, Southern African, Tin whistle, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM shellac record (commercial recordings) number: CR1041
  2. Composer: The Basement BoysR Msomi (Composer) | 0000-00-00 | Basement Boys, Flute, Jive, Msomi,Reggie, Ballantine | Flute Jive
  3. Composer: Adolph Lekganyana & Ojunco Mothombeni (Performer)Composer not specified | 1905/05/13 | Flute, Jive, Lekganyana,Adolph, Mothombeni,Ojunco, Popular music, Southern African, Tin whistle, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM shellac record (commercial recordings) number: CR1028
  4. Artist(s): Abalere ba Kabaka (Performer) | Composer: Abalere ba Kabaka (Performer) | 1950/08/31 | Abalere ba Kabaka, Central African, Conical Drum, Cylindrical Drum, Drum, End blown - Open, Flute, Ganda, Goats, Hand, Ndere flute, Ridicule, Song, Stick, topical, traditional, Uganda, ILAM | The song is about a man who never slaughtered his goats. It is accompanied by several types of drums and end blown flutes. Refer ILAM field card number D5W2
  5. Composer: Spokes Mashiyane And The Two StoogesMazembe Mpandlana (composer) | 0000-00-00 | Flute, Kwela, Mashiyane, Spokes, Mpandlana,Mazembe, Pennywhistle, Two Stooges, Ballantine | Kwela (flute/pennywhistle)
  6. Composer: Spokes Mashiyane (Performer)Ben Nkosi (Performer)Spokes Mashiyane (Composer) | 1905/05/13 | Ceskei, Eastern Cape, Flute, Guitar, Mashiyane, Spokes, Nkosi, Ben, Popular music, South Africa, Southern African, Tin whistle, Transkei, Xhosa, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM shellac record (commercial recordings) number: CR1036
  7. Composer: Jake Lerole And His RhythmJ Lerole (composer) | 0000-00-00 | Flute, Jive, Lerole,Aaron Jack, Tin whistle, Ballantine | Flute/Tin Whistle Jive
  8. Artist(s): Pedi Dancers | Composer: Joni Mutebejana (Performer) | 1948/09/19 | Flute, Folk song, Joni Mutebejana, Naka, Nothern Sotho, Pedi, Pedi, Pieterburg, South Africa, Southern African, Union of South Africa, ILAM | Dance music with flute ensemble and drums
  9. Composer: Soft Tone WhistlersP Mokonotela (Composer) | 2007/06/22 | Flute, Jive, Mokonotela,P., Soft Tone Whistlers, South Africa, Ballantine | Gramophone Record Co LTD (Sole Dist); Made In South Africa Flute Jive
  10. Composer: AtokweBamba men | 1950/08/23 | Atokwe, Bamba, Central African, Drum, ensemble, Flute, Nyoro, Toro, Tunes, Uganda, ILAM | Luma flute tunes played by an ensemble, and accompanied by drummingRefer ILAM field card D5O3


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