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  1. Artist(s): Nsenga Men (Performer) | Composer: Obisitala Kanyungu (Performer) | 1949/08/27 | Folk song, Indigenous music, Kanyungu,Obisitala, Northern Rhodesia, Nsenga, Nsenga, Southern African, Zambia, ILAM | Hunting song accompanied by 2 Cylindrical Drums. Further details refer ILAM field card no. C4T1.
  2. Artist(s): Tonga young women | Composer: Lucy Nyamangwe (Performer) | 1950/05/29 | Drum, Folk song, Malawi, Nkala Bay, Nyamangwe,Lucy, Nyasaland, Southern African, Tonga, Tonga, ILAM | Chioda dance song
  3. Artist(s): Drummers of the Mwami of Ruaunda (Performer) | Composer: Sehene (Performer) | 1952/07/04 | Drum, East-Central African, Folk song, Indigenous music, Kalinga, Mwami, Nyanga, Nyauza, rhythm, Ruaunda, Rwanda, Sehene, ILAM | Drum rhythms with kalinga and drum accompaniment. Further details refer to ILAM field card no. F3T4f
  4. Composer: Buudu Men (Performer)Composer not specified | 1952/08/09 | Basket rattles, Belgian Congo, Buudu, Central African, Congo, Conical laced Drum, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Folk song, Indigenous music, Ivory horn, Medje, Party Dance, Pod Drum, slit Drum, ILAM | Party Dance. Further details refer ILAM field card F4K-5
  5. Composer: Girls at Regulo Solgado (Performer) | 1949/09/20 | Chikunda, Folk song, Indigenous music, Mozambique, Portuguese East Africa, Regula Solgado Tete (Portuguese East Africa), Sena, Southern African, ILAM | Dance Song. Further details refer ILAM card no C5R12a
  6. Artist(s): Tavara women | Composer: Maria Chirembe (Performer) | 1949/09/21 | Chirembe,Maria, Folk song, Indigenous music, Korekore, Mozambique, Portuguese East Africa, Shona, Southern African, Tavara, Tavara, Tete, ILAM | Story Song. Further details refer ILAM card no C5S3
  7. Composer: Zande Men (Performer)Composer not specified | 1952/09/01 | Banana stalks, Bandiya, Belgian Congo, Central African, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, East African, Folk song, Hand bells, Indigenous music, Rattle, Xylophone, Zande, Zande, Zande dance, ILAM | Zande dance. Further details refer ILAM field card F4V-1
  8. Composer: Kyomile Kabanyolekile (Performer) | 1950/08/06 | Bukoba, Clapping, Drum, Folk song, Haya, Indigenous music, Kyomile Kabanyolekile, Nyoro, Paddling song, Southern African, Tanganyika, Tanzania, ILAM | Folk music -Paddling song with drums and clapping and accompanied by Haya me.Further details refer ILAM field card (D4X11)
  9. Artist(s): Arab and Swahili boys (Accompaniment) | Composer: Sheik Mohammed bin Isa (Performer) | 1950/10/12 | Arab, Arabic, East African, Folk song, Kenya, Malindi, Sheik Mohammed Bin Isa, Swahili, ILAM | Thikri music - praises of AllahFurther details in ILAM fieldcard (D7M4)
  10. Artist(s): Minor Seminary Choir Roma (Performer) | Composer: Minor Seminary Choir Roma (Performer) | 1900-01-00 | Basutoland, European, Folk song, French, French, Lead voice, Lesotho, Males singing, Minor Seminary Choir, Song, Sotho, South Sotho, Southern African, Supporting Choir, ILAM | Male choir singing a French folk song. ILAM field card number is unknown


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