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  1. Composer: Zande men (Performer) | 1952/08/31 | Bandiya, Bugu, Buta, Chief Gatanga, Folk - Central African, Gaza, Gugu, Ndimo, Nguru, Northern Congo, Zande, Zande, ILAM |  "Song of the drum". Dance song. Large wooden slit drum with feet, 3 conical drums, cross laced and double headed, metal hand bells. The conical drums were all called either Gaza or Ndimo. The slit drum is Gugu or Bugu. The beaters of the conical drums are called Luiringwa Gaza. The method of playing the slit drum is unusual, as the player sits astride his drum and may even rest one leg along its length. The small ebony carvings from this district demonstrate this stance.
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