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  1. Composer: Zebediya ChimangaUsihlobo Ngwenya | 1949/10/07 | dance, Marabi, men, Ndebele, Southern African, Southern Rhodesia, town, urban, Usihlobo Ngwenya, women, Zebediya Chimanga, Zimbabwe, ILAM | Marabi town dance for men and women, accompanied by guitar. Refer ILAM field card C6I1
  2. Composer: Singolile MwamalundiNyakyusa men | 1950/06/09 | dance, men, Nganya, Nyakyusa, Nyakyusa, Singolile Mwamalundi, Song, Southern African, Tanganyika, Tanzania, wedding, women, ILAM | Nganya dance song for men and women, usually performed at weddings. Refer ILAM field card D2R9
  3. Artist(s): Leader Kasomangila (Performer)Husen Ishike (Performer) | Composer: Leader Kasomangila (Performer)Husumi Isike (Performer)(Abdali) Wachezaji wa Manyanga (Performer) | 1950-00-00 | Chant-like, dance, Drum, East African, Husumi Isike, Kasomangila, Long Unaccompanied introduction, Manyanga, men, Nyamwezi, Song, Tanganyika, Tanzania, traditional, Wachezaji wa Manyanga, ILAM | Chant-like Manyanga dance song with drums and a lengthy unaccompanied introduction. ILAM field card number is unknown
  4. Artist(s): Weleka Lumbe (Performer) | Composer: Weleka Lumbe (Performer) | 1950/04/29 | Bangwe board zither, Indigenous music, Lumbe,Weleka, men, Sena, Song, Southern African, Southern Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, ILAM | Song performed by a man who is accompanied on the 11 note Bangwe board zither. Refer ILAM field card DA17
  5. Artist(s): Lower Gwelo Choir (Performer)Leader Fraser Mpofu (Composer) | Composer: Lower Gwelo Choir (Performer)Leader Fraser Mpofu (Composer) | 1950/05/06 | dance, Fraser Mpofu, Guitar, Lower Gwelo Choir, Marabi, men, Ndebele, Song, Southern African, Southern Rhodesia, women, Zimbabwe, Zulu, ILAM | Marabi town dance song for men and women, accompanied by guitar. The English title is Come with the fire. Refer ILAM field card DH10
  6. Artist(s): Likhengele Makhono (Performer)not specified others (Performer) | Composer: Likhengele Makhono (Performer)not specified others (Performer) | 1950-00-00 | Call and response, dance, East African, Makhono,Likhengele, men, Nyamwezi, Song, Sukuma, Tanganyika, Tanzania, traditional, Wigasha, ILAM | Wigasha dance song performed by men. ILAM field card number is unknown
  7. Composer: Timoti MungailaLenje men and women at Broken Hill Mine | 1949/08/15 | Broken Hill Mine, Chinsengwe, Clapping, dance, Lenje, Lenje, men, Northern Rhodesia, Song, Southern African, Timoti Mungaila, women, Zambia, ILAM | Chinsengwe dance song for men and women, with clapping. Refer ILAM field card C4H11


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