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  1. 1978 | Mkonto, Traditional, Zulu, Ballantine | 'Go well Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation) We Umkhonto cadres are prepared to kill the Boers'. This song was sung during the Zimbabwe campaign of 1967-8 when an Umkhonto unit ('Luthuli's detachment') alongside a ZAPU unit fought racist troops and inflicted heavy casualties., narrator: The armed struggle will take root in South Africa soil! The enemy's strength is not underestimated but neither is he invincible! The example of Algeria, Vietnam, Mozambique and Angola have shown the possibilities of defeating powerful military regimes. What counts is the determination to struggle of a united and armed people until final victory is secured. Our song says that the sound of gunfire is already being heard. Vorster and Kruger will be shot down. (From
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