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  1. Composer: Elite Swingsters | 0000-00-00 | Elite Swingsters, Saxophone, Swing, Ballantine
  2. Artist(s): William Mseleku (Leader)Mseluku and his merrymakers (Performer) | Composer: William MselekuMseluku and his merrymakers | 1960/01/01 | dance, Drum, Fox-trot, Guitar, Indigenous music, Merrymakers, Mseleku,William, Piano, Popular music, Rhythm sticks, Saxophone, South Africa, Southern African, Zulu, ILAM | Fox-trot dance accompanied by various instruments
  3. Artist(s): Buddy Squire (Leader) | Composer: The Hot Shots (Performer)Composer not specified | 1958-00-00 | Band music, Buddy Squire, Drum, Ga, Ghana, Hot Shots, Popular music, Saxophone, Stick, West African, ILAM | Translated English title - "Highlife." Further details refer ILAM shellac record (commercial recordings) number: CR0741Further details refer ILAM shellac record (commercial recordings) number: CR0741
  4. Composer: Paynville QuartetBob Lesia (Composer) | 2007/06/22 | Jive, Lesia,Bob, Paynville Quartet, Saxophone, South Africa, Ballantine | Gramophone Record Co LTD (Sole Dist); Made In South Africa
  5. Composer: F GumbiP Makitla (Composer) | 2007/06/22 | Gumbi,F., Makitla,P., Saxophone, Ballantine | Gramophone Record Co LTD (Sole Dist)Saxophone
  6. Composer: August Msarurgwa (Performer) | 1951/06/05 | banjo, Bulawayo, Dance Band, Msarurgwa,August, Saxophone, Southern African, Southern Rhodesia, Zezuru, Zimbabwe, ILAM | Slow Jive music
  7. Composer: Roger The GreatR. Xezu (composer) | 0000-00-00 | Jive, Roger The Great, Saxophone, Xezu,R., Ballantine | Saxophone Jive
  8. Composer: Lemmy Special And The Alexandra Junior Bright BoysL Special (Composer) | 0000-00-00 | Alexandra Junior Bright Boys, Flute, Jive, Lemmy Special, Mabaso,L., Saxophone, Ballantine | Flute and Saxophone Jive
  9. Composer: Kid ma Wrong Wrong (Performer)A. R. (Composer) | 1965-00-00 | A. R., East African, Guitar, Indigenous music, Kid Ma Wrong Wrong, Melody Music, Rattle, Saxophone, ILAM | Further details refer to ILAM record number: CR3718.


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