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  1. Composer: Erusango LutwanaBudo African Music Clu | 1950/08/13 | Budo African Music Club, Central African, Clapping, Drum, Erusango Lutwana, Ganda, patriotic, propaganda, Song, Uganda, ILAM | Patriotic song accompanied by drums and clappingRefer ILAM field card D5E2
  2. Composer: Maliya Mutale Bemba women at Kitwe | 1949/08/07 | Bemba, Bemba, Kitwe, Maliya Mutale, Northern Rhodesia, Song, Southern African, story, topical, Zambia, ILAM | Topical story song. Refer ILAM field card CRZ13
  3. Composer: M Jiwane | 1948/03/14 | M. Jiwane, Mbira, Mozambique, Portuguese East Africa, Shangaan, Song, Southern African, Yodelling, ILAM | Yodelling song with mbira accompanimentRefer ILAM field card M2
  4. Composer: Baiyani MedurekArusha men and women | 1950/10/02 | Arusha, Arusha, dance, East African, Masai, Medurek,Baiyani, Osingolio bunya, Song, Tanganyika, Tanzania, ILAM | Osingolio bunya dance song for men and womenRefer ILAM field card D7C7
  5. Artist(s): Isaka Kitutu (Performer) | Composer: Isaka Kitutu (Performer) | 1950/09/05 | Central African, Gishu, Isaka Kitutu, Leg bells, Nilotic tradition of playing, Phosphate, Seven string Litungu bowl lyre, Song, topical, Uganda, ILAM | The song is about the miners not knowing why the phosphate is being mined. Refer ILAM field card number D6B3
  6. Composer: Rashda Ahmed Nyamwezi women | 1950/07/18 | dance, East African, Kumba, Luba, men, Nyamwezi women, Rashda Ahmed, Song, Songa, Tanganyika, Tanzania, women, ILAM | Kumba dance song for men and womenRefer ILAM field card D4C9
  7. Artist(s): Thomas Mulungo (Performer) | Composer: Thomas Mulungo (Performer) | 1950/09/05 | Central African, Gishu, Leg bells, Seven string Litungu bowl lyre, Song, Stolen cow, Thomas Mulungo, topical, Uganda, ILAM | The song is about a government official who had stolen a cow to feed the troops. Refer ILAM field card number D6B1
  8. Artist(s): Moshi Ufunguo's party | Composer: Moshi Ufunguo (Performer)Composer not specified | 1950-00-00 | East African, Humorous, Malimba xylophone, Moshi Ufunguo, Nguja, Rattle, Song, Swahili, Tabora, Tanganyika, Tanzania, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM record number CR1402.
  9. Composer: Moshi Ufunguo (Composer/Performer) | 1950/07/17 | Basket rattle, Belgian Congo, Central African, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Humorous, malimba, Marimba, Moshi Ufunguo, Nguja, Rattle, Song, Swahili, Xylophone, ILAM | Humorous song. Further details refer ILAM field card (D4B6)
  10. Artist(s): Omari Mweinyioembe (Performer)Yasini Simba (Performer)Hamisi Mrisho (Performer) | Composer: Omari Mweinyioembe (Performer)Yasini Simba (Performer)Hamisi Mrisho (Performer) | 1950/07/17 | Basket rattle, chant, East African, Frame drum, Hamisi Mrisho, Laced drum, Metal cylindrical drum, Muslim, Nguja, Omari Mweinyioembe, prayer, religious, Song, Swahili, Tanganyika, Tanzania, traditional, Xylophone, Yasini Simba, ILAM | Muslim prayer accompanied by various instruments including one that sounds like a xylophone. Refer ILAM field card number D4B4


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