Struck iron

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  1. Artist(s): Shinda Kamwana (Performer) | Composer: C. Kauwana (Composer) | 1952/05/25 | Accordion, C. Kauwana, Central African, East African, Kauwana,C., Kenya, Kikuya, Mombasa, Shinda Kamwana, Struck iron, ILAM | Mwamboko dance song. Further details refer to ILAM field card F3C
  2. Artist(s): Chinda Kamwana (Performer) | 1952/05/24 | Accordion, Chinda Kamwana, East African, Folk music, Indigenous music, Kenya, Kiamuthambi, Kikuyu, Kikuyu territory, Struck iron, Topical song, ILAM | A topical song with accordian and struck iron. The accordian is used as a ground which creates a happy noise but has little, if any, melodic or harmonic relationship to the tonality or mode of the voice.Song to accompany a town dance in which men and women dance together in pairs, after the fashion of Europeans.Further details refer ILAM field card number: F3B 6
  3. Composer: Kadhari wa Marere (Performer) | 1952/05/25 | Accordion, Dance song, East African, Folk music, Indigenous music, Kadhari wa Marere, Kenya, Kikuyu, Mombasa, Struck iron, ILAM | Mwomboro dance music. Further details refer ILAM fieldcard F3C-14.
  4. Composer: Joshua Mzee Adhiembo (Performer)Composer not specified | 1952/09/28 | Accordion, concertina, Eldoret, Indigenous music, Joshua Mzee Adhiembo, Kenya, Luo, Nangili, Olang, Praise song, Southern African, Struck iron, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM field card number: F5B 6


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