Marks, David

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  1. Artist(s): David Marks (Desk Mix PA Feed), Don Williamson (Recorder), Jurgen Zahringer (Recorder) | Composer: Edi Niederlander | 0000-00-00 | Marks, David, Niederlander, Edi, Williamson, Don, Zahringer, Jurgen, HYMAP
  2. Artist(s): David Marks (engineer) | Composer: Survival Cast | 0000-00-00 | Market 1977, Marks, David, Survival Cast, HYMAP
  3. Artist(s): Russell Herman (Electric Guitar and Vox), Mervyn Africa (Keyboards and Vibes), Sipho Gumede (Bass), Gilbert Mathews (Drums), Duke Makasi (Tenor and Soprano Saxes), George Tyefumani (Trumpet), Temba Mehlomakulu (Trumpet and Trombone), David Marks (Engineer) | Composer: Spirits Rejoice | 0000-00-00 | Africa, Mervyn, Gumede, Sipho, Herman, Russell, Makasi, Duke, Marks, David, Mathews, Gilbert, Mehlomakulu, Temba, Spirits Rejoice, Tyefumani, George, HYMAP
  4. ANC

    Artist(s): Marks, David (PA eng system sound)Brauninger, Jurgen (Recorder) | 1990/02/26 | Brauninger, Jurgen, Durban, Kings Park Stadium, Marks, David, Natal, Poetry, Song, South Africa, Speech, Brauninger | ANC 48th Conference Rally, poem Speech and song by various artists at Kings Park Stadium in Durban about 40000 audience
  5. Artist(s): David Marks (PA Club Mix),Russell Herman (Electric Guitar and Vox),Mervyn Africa (Keyboards and Vibes),Sipho Gumede (Bass),Gilbert Mathews (Drums),Duke Makasi (Tenor and Soprano Saxes),George Tyefumani (Trumpet),Temba Mehlomakulu (Trumpet and Trombone) | Composer: Sol Rachid With Spirits Rejoice | 0000-00-00 | Africa, Mervyn, Gumede, Sipho, Herman, Russell, Makasi, Duke, Marks, David, Mathews, Gilbert, Mehlomakulu, Temba, Rachid, Sol, Spirits Rejoice, Tyefumani, George, HYMAP
  6. Artist(s): Assie Williams (Vocalist), Jo Dubbing (Vocalist),Boran (Percussion),David Williams (Guitar),Barrie Glen (Guitar),Dave Lambert (Violin),Denny Laloutte (Bass),David Marks (Engineer) | Composer: Fliberttigbbet | 0000-00-00 | Boran, Dubbing, Jo, Fliberttigbbet, Glen, Barrie, Laloutte, Denny, Lambert, Dave, Marks, David, Williams, Assie, Williams, David, HYMAP
  7. Artist(s): David Marks (Live Sound) | Composer: Dale Cuts | 0000-00-00 | Cutts, Dale, Marks, David, HYMAP
  8. Artist(s): David Marks (Live Sound),Barrie Shah (Cast), Berveley Melnick (Cast), Jonathan Taylor (Cast), Willie Elman (Cast), Sihpo Tokwe (Cast), Paul Bowman (Cast), Nomsa Nene (Cast), Natasha Martin (Cast), Lynton Burns (Cast), Leslie Mongezi (Cast), Glyn Wi (Cast), Edmund Thengani (Cast) | Composer: The Little Company | 0000-00-00 | Bowman, Paul, Burns, Lynton, Elman, Willie, Marks, David, Martin, Natasha, Melnick, Berveley, Mongezi, Leslie, Nene, Nomsa, Shah, Barrie, Taylor, Jonathan, The Little Company, Thengani, Edmund, Tokwe, Sipho, Wi, Glyn, HYMAP
  9. Artist(s): David Marks (PA Mix to ReVox), Dennis Willman (Pianist), Terry Lester (Artist), Joe Parker (Artist), Hal Orlandini (Artist), Mel Miller (Artist), Cy Sacks (Artist), Paul Andrew | Composer: Ian Lawrence | 0000-00-00 | Andrew, Paul, Lawrence, Ian, Lester, Terry, Marks, David, Miller, Mel, Orlandini, Hal, Parker, Joe, Sacks, Cy, Willman, Dennis, HYMAP
  10. Artist(s): David Marks (PA Mix), Dave 'Plod' Tarr (RIP) (Fiddle), Rod Dry (Double Bass), Dennis Schultz (Vocal and Guitar), Bob Wills (composer) | Composer: Silver Creek Mountain Band | 0000-00-00 | DRY, ROD, Marks, David, Schultz, Dennis, Silver Creek Mountain Band, Tarr, Dave (Plod), Wills, Bob, HYMAP


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