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  1. Artist(s): Muntano Gomez o Feliciano | 1955/08/10 | Chibuto district, Gomez o Feliciano, Muntano, Guitar, Hlanganu, Indigenous music, Mozambique, Portuguese East Africa, Southern African, Sul do Save Province, Tonga, Topical song, ILAM | Topical song with guitar. "If you have no child it is no good. Other women have children, they fill the village. There are many men here standing in the queues for going to Johannesburg. You, my wife, you do not want to eat porridge - you want rice. There is no rice here, because I am poor. Go to the rich where they can afford rice."So she went to a rich man to get her rice, but now she gets no clothes, no shoes, and at last, no food.Details from ILAM record number TP4274-H1P14
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