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  1. Artist(s): Geoff Cogzell - Engineer, Brian Gibson - acoustic guitar and vocals, FGC Studios | Composer: Brian Gibson | Contemporary Gospel, Gibson Brian, HYMAP | Contemporary Folk singer songwriter Brian Gibson from Wales arrived in SA late 1960's with Rock band The 004's - turned to Gospel in 1974
  2. Composer: Donald Swann And Guest | Comedy, English, Piano, Swann, Donald, Voice, HYMAP
  3. Composer: Hugh Masakela | Jazz, Masekela Hugh, HYMAP | These are the recordings from David Marks, they were recorded at 44.1Hz-16bit-stereo
  4. Composer: Roy Bulkin And Rob Schoeder | HYMAP
  5. Composer: Roy Bulkin And Rob Schoeder | HYMAP
  6. Composer: Roy Bulkin And Rob Schoeder | HYMAP
  7. Composer: James Phillips | Afrikaans, FOLK MUSIC, James Phillips, MUSIC, South Africa, Shifty Records | Demo made in Grahamstown while studying BMUS degree at Rhodes University in 1982. Recorded on cheap cassette machine.
  8. Composer: Lloyd Ross | FILM MUSIC, Lloyd Ross, South Africa, Shifty Records | Film music for "Vyfster" television series