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  1. Composer: Peggy Tracey (Narrator) | 1900-01-00 | East African, Folk music, Indigenous music, Kenya, Kipsigis, Lament, Love song, Tracey, Peggy, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM reel number: BC59.
  2. 1900-01-00 | Chopi, East African, Indigenous music, Lament, Mozambique, Portuguese East Africa, Song, Southern African, Unaccompanied, Vocals, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM shellac record number: TP4308
  3. Composer: Chopi women at Zandamela | 1949/06/02 | Chopi, Chopi, Clapping, dancing, Lament, Mozambique, Portuguese East Africa, Song, Southern African, Zandamela, ILAM | Lament by mother of present chief, with dancing and clappingRefer ILAM field card CL4
  4. Composer: W. Murazikwa Pfeni (Performer) | 1948/04/22 | Lament, Manyika, Pfeni,W. Murazikwa, Southern African, Southern Rhodesia, Umtali, Zimbabwe, ILAM | Soloist and 4 men
  5. Composer: Manyoni Zhou (Performer)Simoni Mashoko Shawa (Performer)Manyoni Zhou (Composer) | 1950/05/02 | Chilimanzi, Govera, Indigenous music, Karanga, Lament, Maridza mbira, Mbira, Muhera, Njari, Shawa,Simoni Mashoko, Southern African, Southern Rhodesia, Zhou,Manyoni, Zimbabwe, ILAM | Translated English title - "He is left alone in the bush." Further details refer ILAM Field card number: DD 1
  6. Composer: Xhosa women (Performer)Composer not specified | 1957/05/10 | Ciskei, Clapping, Eastern Cape, Folk music, Indigenous music, Lament, Ngaika, South Africa, Southern African, Transkei, Vocals, Xhosa, Xhosa, ILAM | Translated English title - "Now the white man has taken our country away from us." Further details refer ILAM field card number: L1K 6
  7. Composer: Notiso Magaiza | 1949/05/23 | Dzibi, Lament, Magaiza,Notiso, malimba, Mbira, Mozambique, Portuguese East Africa, Song, Southern African, Tswa, ILAM | Song accompanied by mbira and malimbaLamentRefer ILAM field card CB8


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