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  1. Composer: Mugadzikwa Mwanagona (Performer) | 1951/06/28 | Folk music, Fort Victoria, Indigenous music, Kalimba, Karanga, Mbira, Mugadzikwa Mwanagona, Southern African, Southern Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, ILAM | Self delectative song. Futher details refer ILAM fieldcard E2Y-1.
  2. Composer: Longwani Nanjeko (Performer) | 1949/08/03 | Folk music, Humorous, Indigenous music, Kangombio, Kaonde, Longwani, Luba, Mbira, Nanjeko, Nkana, Northern Rhodesia, Song, Southern African, Topical song, Zambia, ILAM | Topical song with Kangombio mbira. Further details refer ILAM field card (C3V4)
  3. Composer: Nanjeko, N. (Performer) | 1949-00-00 | Central African, Humorous, Kangombio, Lozi, Mbira, Nanjeko,N., Northern Rhodesia, Song, Zambia, ILAM | Humorous song with Kangombio mbira. Composer not specified. Further details refer ILAM record number AC0828-b1163
  4. Composer: Chopi Ngodo Dancers (Performer)Composer not specified | 1954-00-00 | Chopi, Chopi Ngodo, Drum, Folk music, Indigenous music, Mbira, Mozambique, Portuguese East Africa, Southern African, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM record number: CR3468.
  5. Composer: Chikwama (Performer)Chikwama (Composer) | 1956-00-00 | Chikwakwa, Chikwama, Indigenous music, Mbira, Southern African, Southern Rhodesia, Vocal, Zezuru, Zimbabwe, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM shellac record (commercial recordings) number: CR0912
  6. Composer: Bachumirwa Tugwenderwa(Composer/Performer) | 1950/08/27 | Bunyoro, East African, Likembe, Mbira, Nyoro, Topical song, Tugwenderwa,Bachumirwa, Uganda, ILAM | Topical story song with Likembe (Mbira). Further details refer ILAM field card (D5S6)
  7. Composer: Bachumirwa Tugwenderwa (Performer)Composer not specified | 1952-00-00 | East African, Indigenous music, Likembe, Masindi, Mbira, Nyoro, Topical song, Tugwenderwa,Bachumirwa, Uganda, ILAM | Further details refer to ILAM record number: CR1947.
  8. Composer: Lulua soldiers (Performer)Lulua women (Performer) | 1952/02/06 | Belgian Congo, Bottle, Central African, Congo, Dance song, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Folk music, Gourd, Indigenous music, Luba, Lulua, Lulua, Maringa, Mbira, Rattle, ILAM | Maringa dance song accompanied by Chisanhi mbira, rattles, a singing gourd, and beating on a bottle with a stick. Refer ILAM field card F1V1
  9. Composer: Zezuru men | 1948/04/30 | dance, Drum, Mbira, Song, Southern African, Southern Rhodesia, step, Zezuro, Zezuru, Zimbabwe, ILAM | Step dance song with mbira and drumRefer ILAM field card AQ15


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