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  1. Artist(s): Iganitiyo Ekacholi and Teso men | Composer: Iganitiyo Ekacholi (Performer)Iganitiyo Ekacholi (Composer) | 1950/09/04 | Adedeu harp, Aluti horn, Folk - East African, Iganitiyo Ekacholi, Lukiko, Mbale district, Teso, Tororo, Uganda, ILAM | "However well a woman may cook, her husband is never satisfied". A song that will appeal to women everywhere. The tuning of the harp was 284, 212, 190, 172, 142 v.s. It is interesting to note the apparent difference in tone between the scale of the harp and the voice., Iganitiyo, the harp player, made friends with Chief K Omudeka and he visited him at his place over the border in Kenya. He was surprised at the great amount of land under cultivation there. He entertained the Chief every evening of his visit by playing and singing to his Adedeu harp. The full song is not avaiable here.
  2. Artist(s): Endongo za Baganda (Performer) | Composer: Zakaria Kasasa (Composer) | 1950/08/30 | Buganda, Central African, East African, Endongo bowl lyre, Endongo za Baganda, Ganda, Indigenous music, Kampala, Morality song, Ndingidi bowl lute, Ntenga drum, Patriotic song, Uganda, Zakaria Kasasa, ILAM | Translated English title - "The happiness of Uganda" Further details refer to ILAM field card number XYZ5396
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