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  1. Artist(s): Misomba Victor (Performer) | Composer: Ilunga Patrice (Composer/Performer) | 1957/07/26 | Belgian Congo, Bottle, Central African, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guitar, Hemba, Luba, Patrice,Ilunga, Victor,Misomba, ILAM | Topical song. Further details refer ILAM fieldcard number L3B-7B.
  2. Artist(s): Chibanda and Kasena with 7 Kanyoka men | 1957/07/28 | Basket rattle, Bottle, Folk - Central African, Guitar, Kanyoka, Northern Rhodesia, Southern Congo, ILAM | Topical song with 2 guitars, 3 basket rattles and 1 bottle. Chibanda and Kasena with 7 Kanyoka men. Territory Mwene Ditu, District Kabinda, Kasai, Belgian Congo. Recorded in rural Panda-Jadotville, Belgian Congo., "The Kanyoka captured the Chief of the Kasai people on the other side of the river, cut off his head, put it in a pot of beer and drank the beer.", It is not certain from the context to which tribal wars this incident refers, if any. It may well be a form of boasting or braggadocio.
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