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  1. Composer: Maditane waChiwangana (Composer)Maditano waChiwangano (Composer)Ngodo of Nyakutowo (Performer) | 1949/06/09 | Chopi, Dance music, Maditane waChiwangana, Maditano waChiwangano, Mozambique, Ngodo of Nyakutowo, Orchestral music, Portuguese East Africa, Southern African, Timbila, Xylophone, Zavala, ILAM | Orchestral dance musicFurther details refer ILAM field card (CS4)
  2. Composer: Luchazi dancers (Performer) | 1949/07/27 | Chokwe, Dance music, Drum, Folk music, Indigenous music, Luchazi, Luchazi, Northern Rhodesia, Southern African, Zambia, ILAM | Folk music - Sepa dance song with Luchazi dancers and drums.Further details refer ILAM field card (C3O7)
  3. Composer: Rejula Banguza (Performer)Composer not specified | 1963-00-00 | Chopi, Dance music, Folk music, Indigenous music, Rejula Banguza, Xylophone, Xylophone Dance, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM library number: A78.
  4. Artist(s): Alexander Ayub Gombe (Leader) | Composer: The Coast Social Orchestra (Performer)Composer not specified | 1952/06/08 | Accordion, Alexander Ayub Gombe, Clarinet, Coast Social Orchestra, Dance Band, Dance music, East African, Giriyama, Guitar, Kenya, Nguja, Rumba, Saxophone, Swahili, Taita, trumpet, Tympanist, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM field card number: F3H 5
  5. Artist(s): Bemba men (Performer) | Composer: Composer not specifiedNtomba, J. (Performer)Mulenga, F. (Performer) | 1949-00-00 | Bemba, Bemba, Dance music, Drinking song, Fiwaya, Folk music, Indigenous music, Mulenga,Filimoni, Mupukumo, Northern Rhodesia, Ntabomba,Joseph, Party song, Rattle, Southern African, Zambia, ILAM | Mupukumo dance music. Further detail refer ILAM shellac record number: TP0662-XYZT4034
  6. Artist(s): Nyanja men (Performer) | Composer: Stanile Kwilaya (Composer)Stanile Kwilaya (Performer) | 1949/09/03 | Dance music, Guitar, Kwilaya,Stanile, Malawi, Nyanja, Nyanja, Nyasaland, Southern African, Town dance, ILAM | Translated English title - "When you are newly married my darling." Further details refer ILAM Shellac record number: TP0727
  7. Artist(s): Henri (de Bon Coeur) Bembele (Leader) | Composer: Orchestre Tinapa (Performer)Henri (de Bon Coeur) Bembele (Composer) - Lyrics) | 1952/08/18 | Bottle, Central African, Congo, Dance Band, Dance music, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Friction stick, Guitar, Henri (de Bon Coeur) Bembele, Orchestre Tinapa, Republic of the Congo, Rumba dance, Stanleyville, Swahili, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM field card number: F4N 9
  8. Artist(s): Abdala Ibrahimu (Leader) | Composer: Chipukizi Rumba (Performer) | 1950/07/28 | banjo, Chipukizi Rumba, Dance music, Drum, East African, Flute, Ibrahim,Abdala, Kazoo, Mandoline, Mwanza, Rumba, Swahili, Tanganyika, Tanzania, Whistle, ILAM | Swahili rumba with varied accompaniment. Composer unknown. Translated English title - "Keep it secret, my love." Further details refer ILAM field card (D4L1).
  9. Artist(s): Mbarak Rashid (Singer)Shariff Twahir Ahmed (Leader) | Composer: Jauharah Orchestra (Performer)Mbarak Rashidi (Composer) | 1952/05/25 | Dance music, East African, Jauharah Orchestra, Kenya, Mbarak Rashidi, Mombasa, Orchestra, Shariff Twahir Ahmed, Swahili, Swahili tango, Tango, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM field card number: F3C 4
  10. Composer: Nkonde, F. (Performer)F. Nkonde (Performer) | 1948/03/14 | Bangwe, Dance music, Folk music, Indigenous music, Mozambique, Nkonde,F., Portuguese East Africa, Shangaan, Southern African, ILAM | Folk music - Country dance song with Bangwe accompaniment.Further details refer ILAM field card (L2)


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