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  1. Artist(s): Ruli men | Composer: Misaki Muswankuli (Performer)Composer not specified | 1952-00-00 | Dance song, Drum, East African, Masindi, Misaki Muswankuli, Ntara dance song, Ntara xylophone, Nyoro, Ruli, Uganda, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM record number: CR1911.
  2. Composer: Composer not specifiedBusoga Boys Choir (Performer) | 1900-01-00 | Busoga Boys Choir, Central African, Choral music, East African, Kenya, Soga, Uganda, Unaccompanied, ILAM | Unaccompanied music by a choir. Further details refer ILAM record AC1334.
  3. Artist(s): Mukama of Bunyoro | Composer: Mukama of Bunyoro (Performer) | 1950/08/28 | Central African, Mukama of Bunyoro, Nyoro, Preservation, Promotion, Speech, Uganda, Virtues of Indigenous music, Vocal, ILAM | Speech pointing out the need for preservation and promotion of indigenous music. Refer ILAM field card number D5T10
  4. Composer: Abadongo Abaganda (Performer)Kasasa, J. (Composer) | 1952/06/19 | Abadongo Abaganda, Drum, East African, Endongo lyre, Ganda, Indigenous music, Kampala, Kasasa,J., Ndingidi Lute, Topical song, Uganda, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM field card number: F3M 1
  5. 1960-08-00 | East African, Ganda, Uganda, Xylophone, ILAM | Indigenous music. Further details refer ILAM record no 1336
  6. 1900-01-00 | Central African, Choral music, Hymn, Religious music, Uganda, Unaccompanied, ILAM | Religious music by a choir. Further details refer ILAM record AC1334.
  7. Composer: Zedekia Ochwo (Performer) | 1950-00-00 | Dhola, Folk - East African, Lukiko, Mbale district, Tethe bowl, Tongoli harp, Tororo, Uganda, Zedekia Ochwo, ILAM | Morality song with Tongoli eight string horizontal harp, with Tethe inverted bowl. The tuning of this harp is as follows: 420, 172, 328, 280, 244, 210, 186, 164 v.s., "There is nothing better than work - if you do not work you cannot live".
  8. Composer: George Kanyamu (Performer)Kanyamu, G. (Performer) | 1950/09/24 | Central African, Clapping, Folk song, Fort Portal, George Kanyamu, Indigenous music, Kanyamu,G., Nyoro, Toro, Uganda, ILAM | Folk song - party song with Toro boys and clapping.Further details refer ILAM field card (D6U1)
  9. Artist(s): Toro Boys (Performer) | Composer: George Kanyamu (Performer) | 1950/09/24 | Byoro, Central African, Clapping, East African, Fort Portal, George Kanyamu, Kanyamu,G., Party song, Toro, Toro, Uganda, ILAM | Party song.Further details refer ILAM card no D6U1
  10. Composer: Bukombe Muirame (Performer)Bukombe Muirame (Composer) | 1950/08/23 | Bukombe Muirame, Central African, Dance song, Drum, East African, Indigenous music, Konjo, Nyamulera dance, Nyamulera flute, Uganda, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM field card number: D5O-11


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