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  1. Composer: Juluka | 0000-00-00 | Juluka, Maskanda, HYMAP
  2. Artist(s): David Marks (Live Sound) | Composer: Dale Cuts | 0000-00-00 | Cutts, Dale, Marks, David, HYMAP
  3. Artist(s): Radebe, M S (Arranger) | Composer: African Zulu Male Voice Choir | 0000-00-00 | African Zulu Male Voice Choir, Radebe,M.S., Traditional, UKZN, Zulu | Recorded from 78 RPM record
  4. Artist(s): Marks, David (recorder) | Composer: Ntanzi, Madlinyoka (Poet) | 1990/02/26 | Durban, Kings Park Stadium, Marks, David, Natal, Ntanzi, Madlinyoka, Poetry, Poetry, South Africa, Brauninger | Mandela - Mandela Rally - various poets - Come back Mandela when you come back the earth will shake you will see mothers, children exicited saying there is our father
  5. Composer: Ngubane, Mzwakhe (leading vocalist) | 0000-00-00 | Bawelile, Ngubane, Mzwakhe, Brauninger
  6. Artist(s): Simon Oates (PA Mix)Johnny Clegg (Guitar , Vocals)Sipho Mchunu (Guitar , Vocals)Mervyn Africa (Keyboards and Vibes)Patty Henderson (Flute, Vox , Percussion) | Composer: Juluka | 0000-00-00 | Africa, Mervyn, Clegg, Johnny, Henderson, Patty, Juluka, Mchunu, Sipho, Oates, Simon, HYMAP
  7. Artist(s): Daniel Wyman (Recorder)David Marks ( Producer and Engineer) | Composer: KwaMashu Youth Group | 1989/05/12 | Howard College Theatre, KwaMashu Youth Group, Liberation, Marks, David, Natal, South Africa, Wyman, Daniel, Zulu, Brauninger
  8. Artist(s): Des Scheepers (Recorder)Dave Williams (Guitar And Mandola)David Ledbetter (Piano And keyboards)Lucas Khumalo (Bass)Kevin Daivdson (Drums)Tony Paco (Percussion)Tina Schouw (Backing Vocalist)Tom Fox (Guitar)Terence Scarr (Violin) | Composer: Roger Lucey (Acoustic Guitar, Low Whistle , Sax , Vocalist) | 0000-00-00 | Daivdson, Kevin, Fox, Tom, Khumalo, Lucas, Ledbetter, David, Lucey, Roger, Paco, Tony, Scarr, Terence, Scheepers, Des, Schouw, Tina, Williams, Dave, HYMAP
  9. Artist(s): Marks, David (PA eng system sound)Brauninger, Jurgen (Recorder) | Composer: Khanyile, Jabu | 1990/02/26 | Brauninger, Jurgen, Durban, Khanyile, Jabu, Kings Park Stadium, Marks, David, Natal, Poetry, Song, South Africa, Speech, Brauninger | ANC 48th Conference Rally, poem Speech and song by various artists at Kings Park Stadium in Durban about 40000 audience


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