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  1. Artist(s): David Marks (Desk Mix), Roger (Vox), Les Goode (Bass), Jethrow Butow (Guitar), Gerry Selendis (Keyboards), Steve Spannenberg (Drums) | Composer: Roger Lucey | 0000-00-00 | Butow, Jethrow, Goode, Les, Lucey, Roger, Marks, David, Selendis, Gerry, Spannenberg, Steve, HYMAP
  2. Artist(s): David Marks (Recorder , Producer), Roy Davis (Trombone), Mike Faure (Tenor Sax), George Manxola (Guitar), Romeo Avelino (Percussion), Jet Butow (Electrical Guitar), Les Goode (Bass), Shaun Wright (Drums), Mike Scott (Trumpet), Peter Hubner (Trumpet) | Composer: Roger Lucey (Vocalist) | 0000-00-00 | Avelino, Romeo, Butow, Jet, Davis, Roy, Faure, Mike, Goode, Les, Hubner, Peter, Lucey, Roger, Manxola, George, Marks, David, Scott, Mike, Wright, Shaun, HYMAP
  3. Artist(s): Des Scheepers (Recorder)Dave Williams (Guitar And Mandola)David Ledbetter (Piano And keyboards)Lucas Khumalo (Bass)Kevin Daivdson (Drums)Tony Paco (Percussion)Tom Fox (Guitar)Terence Scarr (Violin) | Composer: Roger Lucey (Acoustic Guitar, Low Whistle , Sax , Vocalist) | 0000-00-00 | Daivdson, Kevin, Fox, Tom, Khumalo, Lucas, Ledbetter, David, Lucey, Roger, Paco, Tony, Scarr, Terence, Scheepers, Des, Williams, Dave, HYMAP
  4. Artist(s): Marks, David (recorder) | Composer: Zondi, Baba | 1990/02/26 | Durban, Kings Park Stadium, Marks, David, Natal, Poetry, Poetry, South Africa, Zondi, Baba, Brauninger | Ilizwe silakhe ngolaka - Mandela Rally - various poets - We have built this nation with ange
  5. Artist(s): David Marks (Live Sound) | Composer: The Company | 0000-00-00 | Marks, David, The Company - Market Theatre, HYMAP
  6. Composer: Pondo Ladies | 0000-00-00 | dance, Drum, Pondo Ladies, Traditional, Brauninger | Traditional Dancing with Traditional Drum


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