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  1. Artist(s): Two other players, with dancers | Composer: Composer not specified Nakule (Performer) | 1952/08/31 | Bandiya, Chief Gatanga, Folk - Central African, Kponingbo xylophone, Nakule, Nguru, Northern Congo, Zande, ILAM | A Zande dance with Kponingbo xylophone (log zylophone with keys on banana stems. The tuning corresponds in absolute pitch with that of harp strings). "Sungi kumba wa sa gasi li Sungi akumba ai gibolo. It is a bad housewife who does not work for a husband. A woman who can't work is no good at all." These loose note xylophones are played by three and sometimes four men sitting on either side of the instrument. The Zande dance is performed in a circle to the cheerful sound of the xylophone. All the dancers move in unison with small steps in a set pattern which ensures that the circle moves around gradually in an anti-clockwise direction. A characteristic gesture by Zande dancers is the holding out of hands, palms upwards, gently raising and lowering the forearms in time with the music.
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