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  1. Artist(s): Geoff Cogzell - Engineer, Brian Gibson - acoustic guitar and vocals, FGC Studios | Composer: Brian Gibson | 2006/04/29 | Contemporary Gospel, Folk festivals Natal, Gibson Brian, KwaZulu-Natal, HYMAP | Contemporary Folk singer songwriter Brian Gibson from Wales arrived in SA late 1960's with Rock band The 004's - turned to Gospel in 1974
  2. Artist(s): David Marks (PA Mix to ReVox)Sipho Sepamla (Poet)Lionel Abrahams (Poet)Brian Cullinan (Poet)Robert Greig (Poet)Sol Rashid (Poet)Judy Johnstone (Poet)Stephen Gray (Poet)Simon Wynberg (Poet) | Composer: Chris Mann | 0000-00-00 | Abrahams, Lionel, Cullinan, Brian, Gray, Stephen, Greig, Robert, Johnstone, Judy, Mann, Chris, Marks, David, Rashid, Sol, Sepamla, Sipho, Wynberg, Simon, HYMAP
  3. Composer: Roy Bulkin And Rob Schoeder | HYMAP
  4. Artist(s): Ken E Henson (Acoustic 12 String Guitar, Roland d5 And Synthesizer Bass)Dan Chiorboli (Percussion, African Soul , Drum, Cabasa, Snare Drums, Tom-Toms)Sipho Mchucu (Electric Maskandi Guitar)Dave 'Plod' Tarr (Electric 5 String Violin)Winnie Zondi (Backing Vocalist)Queen MbothweVika MthiwaneShelly Hind (Harmonies)Len Downing (Harmonies)Madosini (Umphe Bow) | Composer: Roger Lucey (Acoustic Guitar, Vocalist) | 0000-00-00 | Chiorboli, Dan, Downing, Len, Henson, Kenny, Hind, Shelly, Lucey, Roger, Madosini, Mbothwe, Queen, Mchucu, Sipho, Mthiwane, Vika, Tarr, Dave (Plod), Zondi, Winnie, HYMAP
  5. Artist(s): Barrie Shah (Cast)Berveley Melnick (Cast)David Marks (Live Sound)Edmund Thengani (Cast)Glyn Wi (Cast)Leslie Mongezi (Cast)Natasha Martin (Cast)Nomsa Nene (Cast)Paul Bowman (Cast)Sipho Tokwe (Cast)Willie Elman (Cast)jonathan Taylor (Cast) | Composer: Leslie Mongezi And Cast | 0000-00-00 | Bowman, Paul, Cast, Elman, Willie, Marks, David, Martin, Natasha, Melnick, Berveley, Mongezi, Leslie, Nene, Nomsa, Shah, Barrie, Taylor, Jonathan, Thengani, Edmund, Tokwe, Sipho, Wi, Glyn, HYMAP
  6. Artist(s): Cast of Dreams | 0000-00-00 | HYMAP | Dreams excerpt
  7. Artist(s): David Marks (PA Mix to ReVox)Graham Clarke (Cast)Venessa Cooke (Cast)Aubrey Ellies (Cast)Leonie Hofmeyer (Cast)Michal Irwin (Cast)Sarah McNair (Cast)Ralph Mogridge (Cast)Rudi Trap (Cast)Michele Maxwell (Piano)John Oakley-Smith (Piano, Guitar)Janice (Lyrics) | Composer: Janice Honeyman / Merry Madcap | 0000-00-00 | Clarke, Graham, Cooke, Vanessa, Ellies, Aubrey, Hofmeyer, Leonie, Honetman, Janice, Irwin, Michal, Marks, David, Maxwell, Michele, McNair, Sarah, Merry Madcap, Mogridge, Ralph, Oakley-Smith, John, Trap, Rudi, HYMAP
  8. Artist(s): Des Scheepers (Recorder)Dave Williams (Guitar And Mandola)David Ledbetter (Piano And keyboards)Lucas Khumalo (Bass)Kevin Daivdson (Drums)Tony Paco (Percussion)Tina Schouw (Backing Vocalist)Tom Fox (Guitar)Terence Scarr (Violin) | Composer: Roger Lucey (Acoustic Guitar, Low Whistle , Sax , Vocalist) | 0000-00-00 | Daivdson, Kevin, Fox, Tom, Khumalo, Lucas, Ledbetter, David, Lucey, Roger, Paco, Tony, Scarr, Terence, Scheepers, Des, Schouw, Tina, Williams, Dave, HYMAP
  9. Artist(s): David Marks (Desk Mix PA Feed)Roger (Vox)Les Goode (Bass)Gerry Selendis (Keyboards)Jethrow Butow (Guitar)Steve Spannenberg (Drums) | Composer: Roger Lucey | 0000-00-00 | Butow, Jethrow, Goode, Les, Lucey, Roger, Marks, David, Selendis, Gerry, Spannenberg, Steve, HYMAP


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