Mann, Chris

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  1. Artist(s): David Marks (PA Mix to ReVox)Sipho Sepamla (Poet)Lionel Abrahams (Poet)Brian Cullinan (Poet)Robert Greig (Poet)Sol Rashid (Poet)Judy Johnstone (Poet)Stephen Gray (Poet)Simon Wynberg (Poet) | Composer: Chris Mann | 0000-00-00 | Abrahams, Lionel, Cullinan, Brian, Gray, Stephen, Greig, Robert, Johnstone, Judy, Mann, Chris, Marks, David, Rashid, Sol, Sepamla, Sipho, Wynberg, Simon, HYMAP
  2. Artist(s): Brauninger, Jurgen (Recorder)Marks, David (PA eng system sound) | Composer: Mann, Chris | 1990/02/26 | Brauninger, Jurgen, English, Mann, Chris, Marks, David, Poetry, Poetry, Brauninger | ANC 48th Conference Rally, poem speech and song by various artists at Kings Park Stadium in Durban about 40000 audience
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