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  1. Artist(s): Two other players | Composer: Composer not specifiedNakule Nguba (Performer) | 1952/08/31 | Akpaningbo, Bandiya, Buta, Chief Gatanga, Folk - Central African, Kponingbo xylophone, Nakule, Nguru, Northern Congo, Zande, ILAM | Dance in honour of the ancestors with Kponingbo or Akpaningbo, nine loose-note zylophone. (log zylophone with keys on banana stems. The tuning corresponds in absolute pitch with that of harp strings) "Kondo natipala bako, Gatanga natipala bako, Mongo natipala nako" " The father of Kondo, The father of Gatanga, The mother of Mongo.", The tuning of the loose note xylophone is 664, 568,496, 392, 360, 332, 284, 248, 196 vs.
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