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  1. Artist(s): Ndasimi Sarubare (Performer/Lead)Arusha men (Performer) | Composer: Ndasimi Sarubare (Performer/Lead)Arusha men (Performer) | 1950/09/30 | Arusha, Arusha, Arusha Baraza, Arusha District, circumcision, Folk - East African, Masai, Masai, Ndasimi Sarubare, Rika, Tanganyika, Tanzania, ILAM | Rika. Initiation song for boys and girls. This is a self praise song by boys and girls who are waiting during the Rika period prior to undergoing circumcision. The leader sings in a kind of falsetto voice which is much appreciated by the people - but on a recording gives no idea of his manly appearance. The calling for a special response during the course of the recitative is typical of Arusha songs. The full song is not available here.
  2. Artist(s): Wamimbi Magombe (Performer)Gishu men (Performer) | Composer: Wamimbi Magombe (Performer)Gishu men (Performer) | 1950/09/05 | Central African, circumcision, dance, European whistle, Gishu, Gishu, Imbalu, initiation, Mungiri leg bells, open horn, Rite of passage, Side blown, Uganda, Waboya, Wamimbi Magombe, ILAM | Imbalu dance performed when boys are being circumcised. The other dance is called Waboya. Refer ILAM field card number D6B5
  3. Composer: Mawasa Binti MporedaFatima Binti MeriNgindo women | 1950/06/25 | boys, circumcision, Clapping, East African, Fatima Binti Meri, girls, initiation, Mawasa Binti Mporeda, Ndonde, Ngindo, Song, Tanganyika, Tanzania, ILAM | Song to accompany circumcision of girls and boysRefer ILAM field card D3F11
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