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  1. Artist(s): Boys and girls of Mhlolutini's village (Performer) | Composer: Boys and girls of Mhlolutini's villageFolk | 1955/01/28 | Clapping, dance, Dhlamu dance, Folk music, girls, Indigenous music, Mhlolutini's village, Song, South Africa, Southern African, Traditional music, Zulu, ILAM | Traditional dance performed by young girls. Further details refer ILAM field card number H1E10
  2. Composer: Luunda women | 1949/07/20 | Drum, girls, goblet, initiation, Luunda, Luunda, Northern Rhodesia, Song, Southern African, Zambia, ILAM | Girls' initiation song accompanied by 2 drums and a slit goblet drumRefer ILAM field card C3H11
  3. Artist(s): Hope Fountain Native Girls Choir (Performer) | Composer: Hope Fountain Native Girls Choir (Performer) | 1900-01-00 | Choir, girls, Hope Fountain Native Girls Choir, Hymn, Ndebele, Part-singing, Religious music, South Africa, Southern African, Traditional music, Unaccompanied, ILAM | Unaccompanied hymn performed by a choir consisting of young women
  4. Composer: Noah LaisiKaonde men and women at Broken Hill Mine | 1949/08/16 | Broken Hill Mine, dance, Drum, girls, initiation, Kaonde, Kaonde, Laisi,Noah, Luba, men, Northern Rhodesia, Showongo, Song, Southern African, women, Zambia, ILAM | Showongo dance song for men and women, accompanied by conical and goblet drums. Also used for girls initiation ceremony. Refer ILAM field card C4HI2
  5. Composer: Rebecca Jiya | 1948/04/26 | Budya, girls, Rebecca Jiya, Song, Southern African, story, Zimbabwe, ILAM | Story songRefer ILAM field card AM16
  6. 1950-00-00 | Chewa, girls, Malawi, Nyanja, Nyasaland, Rain, Song, Southern African, ILAM | Girls performing a rain song. The English title is Do not steal. ILAM field card number is unknown
  7. Composer: Ndisa KeiloKamba men and women | 1950/09/25 | boys, dance, East African, girls, Kamba, Kamba, Kenya, Kipepe, Ndisa Keilo, Song, ILAM | Kipepe dance song for boys and girls sung between dances while dancers are restingRefer ILAM field card D6V12
  8. Composer: NyinamwalukoGogo men and women | 1950/06/17 | boys, East African, girls, Gogo, Gogo, initiation, Nyinamwaluku, Song, Tanganyika, Tanzania, ILAM | Initiation song for boys and girls, accompanied by Ndwala bellsRefer ILAM field card D2X3
  9. Composer: Eliasi MukengeMbuye AndileLuba men | 1949/08/03 | Bisa, dance, girls, initiation, Kalimba, Luba, Mazia, Mbira, Mbuye,Andile, Mukenge,Eliasi, Northern Rhodesia, Song, Southern African, Zambia, ILAM | Mazia dance song of divination and the initiation of girls, accompanied by Kalimba mbira. Refer ILAM field card C3V11
  10. Composer: C KoseShangaan men | 1949/05/27 | C. Kosa, Chopi, girls, love, Mozambique, Shangaan, Shangaan, Song, South Africa, Southern African, ILAM | Love songRefer ILAM field card CF3


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