Litungu box lyre

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  1. Composer: Joshua Omwami (Performer)John Manyasi (Performer)Composer not specified | 1952/06/09 | Bukanga district, Bunyore, East African, Folk music, Indigenous music, John Manyasi, Joshua Omwami, Kenya, Legbell, Litungu box lyre, Luya, Praise song, Ragoli, Rattle, ILAM | Praise song with Litungu lyre, 7 string leg bells and gourd rattle. The lyre was played horizontally with the right hand plucking the group of four strings near the bridge. The left hand extended to pluck the group of three strings near the crossbar. The scale was - 416,352, 304, 268, 248, 232, 208 vs. The lyre is used more as a rhythmic base rather than a melodic instrument, though the player can and indeed frequently does play the melody. Details from ILAM field card number: F3K 1
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