Ngasura, Kinutit Arap

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  1. Artist(s): Kinutit Arap Ngasura | 1950/09/15 | East African, Indigenous music, Kapkatet, Kenya, Kericho, Kibugandet lyre, Kipsigis, Kipsigis district, Ngasura, Kinutit Arap, Praise song, ILAM | A praise song with Kibugandet 5 string wish bone lyre, resonated on a parafin tin. The solo singer, singing in falsetto, praises his country and many of its desirable places. He mentions, among others, the Administrative centre at Kericho, some 25 miles away, which he says is 'full of words', referring to the information service supplied to the country by the office of the District Commissioner. This wishbone shaped frame lyre is help onto the top of an empty 4 gallon parafin tin. At the end of his song the lyre slipped off its resonator.Details from ILAM field card number: D6L 4
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