Shangase, Purity

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  1. Artist(s): Brauninger, Jurgen (Recorder)Marks, David (PA eng system sound)Marks, David (recorder) | Composer: Shangase, Purity Ntanzi, Madlinyoka (Poet) | 1990/02/26 | Brauninger, Jurgen, Durban, Kings Park Stadium, Marks, David, Natal, Ntanzi, Madlinyoka, Poetry, Poetry, Shangase, Purity, South Africa, Brauninger | Mandela Rally - various poets - A brave man who went to Botha's house, and Botha had a running stomach and left the presidency
  2. Composer: Shangase, Purity | 1990/02/26 | Poetry, Poetry, Shangase, Purity, Brauninger | "This is dedicated to all people who were in prison, the likes of Mandela, etc"
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