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  1. Composer: Nzeno movement | 1949/06/08 | Chopi, dance, Mozambique, Mozambique, Nzeno movement, Orchestra, Portuguese East Africa, Song, Southern African, Timbila, ILAM | Orchestral dance song with Timbila xylophonesRefer ILAM field card CR16
  2. Composer: Shangaan boys and girls | 1949/05/29 | Bila, Clapping, dance, Shangaan, Song, South Africa, Southern African, Tonga, youths, ILAM | Dance song for Kwaya dance. For young people and includes clappingRefer ILAM field card CH9
  3. Artist(s): Egyptian Musical Band (Performer) | Composer: Egyptian Musical Band (Performer) | 1950/07/10 | dance, East African, Egyptian Music Club, Instrumental, Nguja, Solo violin introduction, Song, Swahili, Tanganyika, Tanzania, ILAM | Dance song which starts with lengthy violin solo. Refer ILAM field card number D3U7
  4. Artist(s): Asunga Okwela (Performer)Onge Maina (Performer) | Composer: Asunga Okwela (Performer)Onge Maina (Performer) | 1950-00-00 | chimes, dance, East African, Luo, Maina,Onge, Males singing, Nyangile, Okwela,Asunga, Song, Sound-box, Tanganyika, Tanzania, traditional, ILAM | Nyangile dance song performed by men who are accompanied by beats from a sound box and chimes. ILAM field card number is unknown
  5. Artist(s): Bulawayo Sweet Rhythms (Composer/Performer) | Composer: Bulawayo Sweet Rhythms (Composer/Performer) | 1950/04/20 | Bulawayo Sweet Rhythm Band, dance, Instrumental, Quickstep, Shona, Southern African, Southern Rhodesia, Zezuru, Zimbabwe, ILAM | Quickstep dance performed on instruments and without any singing. Refer ILAM field card DB25
  6. Artist(s): Pembe Selemani (Leader) | Composer: Zaramo men (Performer) | 1950/06/24 | dance, Daressalaam, East African, ensemble, Friction sticks, Mbeta, Pembe Selemani, Pipe, Rattle, Tanganyika, Tanzania, Zaramo, Zaramo, ILAM | Mbeta pipe dance for young men, performed on pipes, friction sticks, and tin rattle. Refer ILAM field card D3E5
  7. Artist(s): Zaramo young men (Performer)Pembe Selemani (Performer) | Composer: Zaramo young men (Performer)Pembe Selemani (Performer) | 1950/06/24 | Call and response, dance, East African, Folk, Friction sticks, Mbeta, Pembe Selemani, Pipes, Tanganyika, Tanzania, Tin rattles, traditional, Viyanzi vertical flute, Zaramo, Zaramo, ILAM | Pipe dance with various wind instruments accompanied by rattles and friction sticks. Refer ILAM field card number D3E5
  8. Composer: Zulu men and women of Church of Nazareth (Shembe) (Performer)Isaiah Shembe (Composer) | 1955/01/24 | Church of Nazareth (Shembe), dance, Ekuphakameni, Hymn, Isaiah Shembe, KwaZulu-Natal, Natal, Religious dance, Religious music, Shembe, South Africa, Southern African, Unaccompanied, Zulu, Zulu, Zululand, ILAM | Hymn for dancing, unaccompanied. Translated English title - "The cock that crows at dawn." Further details refer ILAM field card (H1C1)
  9. Artist(s): Men and women of the Shembe Church (Performer) | Composer: Men and women of the Shembe Church | 1955/01/24 | dance, Folk music, Hymn, Indigenous music, Shembe, Shembe Church Choir, South Africa, Southern African, Traditional music, Unaccompanied, Zulu, ILAM | Hymn for dancing. The translated title is "The cock that crows at dawn". Further details refer ILAM field card number H1C1
  10. Artist(s): Morning Stars (Performer) | Composer: Morning Stars (Performer) | 1960/01/01 | dance, Marabi style, Morning Stars, Piano, Popular music, Song, South Africa, Southern African, Zulu, ILAM | Marabi style dance song accompanied by the piano. Further details refer ILAM field card number DC40


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