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  1. Artist(s): Grey Mbau (Leader)Brown Cool Six (Performer) | Composer: Grey MbauBrown Cool Six | 1900-01-00 | African Jazz, Brass instruments, Brown Cool Six, Drum set, Grey Mbau, Indigenous music, Instrumental, Jazz, Popular music, South Africa, South African, Swing, ILAM | African jazz music performed by a jazz band.
  2. 1950-00-00 | Drum, East African, Enkoito, Haya, Instrumental, Nyoro, rhythm, Tanganyika, Tanzania, traditional, ILAM | Traditional rhythmic patterns played on the Enkoito drums. ILAM field card number is unknown
  3. Artist(s): Entenga Royal Drummers (Performer) | Composer: Entenga Royal drummers (Performer) | 1950/08/30 | Central African, Drum, Entenga Royal Drummers, Ganda, Instrumental, Ntenga, Ntenga single laced conical drum, traditional, Uganda, ILAM | Drumming performed on Ntenga drums. The piece is called Kasimbe omugo ndigwa. Refer ILAM field card number D5V3
  4. Composer: Madinda ga Kabaka xylophone players of the Lubiri Palace (Performer)Composer not specified | 1952/06/26 | East African, Folk music, Ganda, Indigenous music, Instrumental, Kampala, Lubiri Palace, Madinda ga Kabaka, Madinda xylophone, Uganda, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM field card number: F3Q 6
  5. Artist(s): ET Mensah (Leader)ET Mensah's Tempos Band (Performer) | Composer: ET Mensah's Tempos Band (Performer) | 1958-00-00 | Big band music style, Brass instruments, Clave rhythm, dance, Drum set, Fante, Ghana, Guitar, High Life, Instrumental, Mensah,E.T., Percusssion instruments, Popular music, Rhythm sticks, Tempos Band, West African, ILAM | High life dance music, performed on various instruments
  6. Composer: Rapisoni Shungiaro Moyo | 1948/04/20 | Chimazambi, Duma, friction, Instrumental, Karanga, mouth bow, Moyo,Rapisoni Shungiaro, Southern African, tune, Zimbabwe, ILAM | Tune played on the Chimazambi friction bowRefer ILAM field card AG2
  7. Artist(s): Randolph Simmons (Leader)The Casablanca Steel Orchestra (Performer) | Composer: Randolph SimmonsThe Casablanca Steel Orchestra | 1900-01-00 | Calypso, Caribbean, Creole, dance, Instrumental, Iron bell, Popular music, Randolph Simmons, Steel pans, The Casablanca Steel Orchestra, Traditional music, Trinidad, ILAM | Calypso dance performed on various instruments.Further details refer ILAM shellac record (commercial recordings) number: CR1006
  8. Composer: Composer not specifiedFlute Ensemble (Performer) | 1900-01-00 | Flute, Indigenous music, Instrumental, Lete, Pipe, Southern African, Tswana, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM shellac record number TP0123-ABC3203
  9. 1960-08-00 | Akontaiba, Central African, Drum, Flute, Ganda, Instrumental, Uganda, ILAM | Instrumental music with drum and Akontaiba flute. Further details refer ILAM record number AC1336
  10. Composer: Katsuba Mwongolo | 1952/07/24 | Belgian Congo, Butembo, Central African, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Flute, Flute tune, Instrumental, Katsuba Mwongolo, Nande, ILAM | Two Flute tunes. Further detail refer ILAM field card F4A3


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