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  1. Composer: Dabi NjovuKunda men, women and girls at Broken Hill Mine | 1949/08/16 | Broken Hill Mine, Dabi Njovu, dance, Drum, Kunda, Kunda, men, Mulaundo, Northern Rhodesia, Nsenga, Song, Southern African, wedding, women, Zambia, ILAM | Mulaundo dance song for men and women, also used as a wedding song. It is accompanied by 1 cylindrical and 2 conical drums. Refer ILAM field card C4I3
  2. Artist(s): Timeyo's wife (Performer) | Composer: Timeyo Mwandila (Performer) | 1950/05/26 | bow, Folk music, Indigenous music, Malawi, Mwandila,Timeyo, Mwandila,Timeyo's wife, Mzimba, Ngoni, Nyasaland, Southern African, wedding, Zulu, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM field card no. D2B3.
  3. Composer: Mwendera KaizapeHaya women (Performer) | 1950/08/05 | Bukoba, Clapping, East African, Haya, Haya, Mwendera Kaizape, Nyoro, Song, Tanganyika, Tanzania, wedding, ILAM | Wedding song to accompany the final act of the wedding ceremony, when the bridegroom touches the breast of the bride in front of everyone. Refer ILAM field card D4W6
  4. Artist(s): Lucy Nyamangwe (Performer)Tonga girls (Performer) | Composer: Lucy Nyamangwe (Performer)Tonga girls (Performer) | 1950/05/29 | Drum, Escorting, Folk, Malawi, Nyamangwe,Lucy, Nyasaland, Song, Song for the married couple, Southern African, Tonga, Tonga, wedding, ILAM | Song performed when escorting the bride to the husband's house. The song is accompanied by drums. ILAM field card number is D2E6
  5. Composer: Nyakato MwagaHaya women | 1950/08/05 | Central African, Haya, Haya, Nyakato Mwaga, Nyoro, Song, Uganda, wedding, ILAM | Wedding songRefer ILAM field card D4W17
  6. Artist(s): Nyakato Mwaqa (Leader)Haya women (Performer) | Composer: Nyakato MwaqaHaya women | 1950/08/05 | East African, Folk music, Haya, Haya, Indigenous music, Nyakato Mwaqa, Nyoro, Procession, Song, Tanganyika, Tanzania, Traditional music, wedding, ILAM | Wedding song performed during procession of bride and groom. Further details refer ILAM field card number D4W17
  7. Composer: Sukwa men at Mindolo Compound | 1949/08/03 | Clapping, Mindolo Compound, Nkonde, Northern Rhodesia, Song, Southern African, Sukwa, Sukwa, wedding, Zambia, ILAM | Wedding song accompanied by clapping. Refer ILAM field card C3V14
  8. Composer: Singolile MwamalundiNyakyusa men | 1950/06/09 | dance, men, Nganya, Nyakyusa, Nyakyusa, Singolile Mwamalundi, Song, Southern African, Tanganyika, Tanzania, wedding, women, ILAM | Nganya dance song for men and women, usually performed at weddings. Refer ILAM field card D2R9
  9. Composer: Chief Mbelwa's seven Ngoni wives (Performer) | 1950/05/26 | Chief Mbelwa's wives, Folk music, Indigenous music., Malawi, Mzimba, Ngoni, Ngoni, Nyasaland, Southern African, wedding, Zulu, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM field card no. D2B5.


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