Cheriro Arap

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  1. Artist(s): Cherwo Arap KorogoremBekyibei Arap Mosonick | 1950/09/15 | Bowl lyre, Chepkongo bowl lyre, Cheriro Arap, East African, Indigenous music, Kapkatet, Kenya, Kericho, Kipsigis, Kipsigis district, Korogorem, Mosonik, Bekyibei Arap, Praise song, Vocal, ILAM | Praise song with Chepkongo 6 string bowl lyre. The main theme of this song is affection for the Kipsigis country. He also asks 'why the whitemen should have taken over the country' which incidentally they themselves took from others in the past. He comes, he says, from the Sotik nearby. The name 'Chemirocha' is their pronunciation of 'Jimmy Rodgers' whose gramophone records were the first to be heard in the district. It is now synonomous for anything strange or new. Details from ILAM field card number: D6L 6
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