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  1. Artist(s): Zaramo boys | Composer: Pembe Selemani (Performer)Composer not specified | 1950-00-00 | Dance song, East African, Friction sticks, Indigenous music, Kapsabet, Kenya, Pembe Selemani, Pipe dance, Rattle, Viyanzi flute ensemble, Zaramo, Zaramo, ILAM | Further details refer ILAM record number: CR2551.
  2. Artist(s): Pembe Selemani and Zaramo men | 1950-00-00 | Dar-es-Salaam, Folk - East African, Mbeta pipe dance, Selemani, Pembe, Tanganyika, Tanzania, Zaramo, ILAM | An Mbeta pipe dance with Viyanzi vertical flutes, 2 friction sticks, and tin rattles., "You are giving me a lot of trouble. Go and eat food prepared by my mother on a basket. You will find it better and different from food prepared on enamel plates which make your stomach bad.", The players start to play beginning with the pipe 3rd from the lowest. Each piper above them takes his rhythm from the next man below. If one fails to get started he holds up all the others above. The leader then comes along and gets his rhythm for him and his companions can then take up the rhythm until the treble player at last joins in., Set of 13 pipes. The tuning of this set was as follows:- 584, 320, 440, 392, 336, 292, giving a pentatonic scale. The total range was just over two octaves.
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