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  1. Artist(s): Ndasimi Sarubare (Performer/Lead)Arusha men (Performer) | Composer: Ndasimi Sarubare (Performer/Lead)Arusha men (Performer) | 1950/09/30 | Arusha, Arusha, Arusha Baraza, Arusha District, circumcision, Folk - East African, Masai, Masai, Ndasimi Sarubare, Rika, Tanganyika, Tanzania, ILAM | Rika. Initiation song for boys and girls. This is a self praise song by boys and girls who are waiting during the Rika period prior to undergoing circumcision. The leader sings in a kind of falsetto voice which is much appreciated by the people - but on a recording gives no idea of his manly appearance. The calling for a special response during the course of the recitative is typical of Arusha songs. The full song is not available here.
  2. Artist(s): Baiyani Medurek (Performer) | 1950/10/02 | Arusha, Arusha Baraza, Arusha District, East African, Folk music, Masai, Medurek,Baiyani, Tanganyika, Tanzania, ILAM | An Osingolio Longishu cattle song. "The Germans are nothing to us. They were defeated by the English. We are not sleeping and will fight for our country. We love our country and our cattle.", The Arusha tribe fought on several occasions against the Germans during their early occupation of Tanganyika. Different men take over the solo between the chorus refrains.
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