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  1. Composer: Dennis Matongorere | 1948/04/24 | dance, Dennis Matongorere, Dennis Motongorere Soko, Kwaya, Nohwe, Song, Southern African, Zezuro, Zimbabwe, ILAM | Kwaya dance songRefer ILAM field card AK15
  2. Composer: Muchaenda SigaukeNdau men | 1951/06/19 | Chiturirano, circle, Clapping, country, dance, Muchaenda Sigauke, Ndau, Ndau, Shona, Song, Southern African, Southern Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, ILAM | Chiturirano country dance song with complex rhythms. Is is usually performed in a hut with participants sitting in a circle. Refer ILAM field card E2P10
  3. Artist(s): Zulu dance band (Performer)Kuzwayo's Zulu Rhythm Boys (Performer) | Composer: Zulu dance bandKuzwayo's Zulu Rhythm Boys | 1900-01-00 | concertina, dance, Fox trot, Guitar, Indigenous music, Kuzwayo, Kuzwayo's Zulu Rhythm Boys, Popular music, South Africa, South African, Tin rattle, Traditional music, Zulu, Zulu, Zulu dance band, ILAM | Dance performed on various instruments.
  4. Artist(s): Nyambo Mwangala (Performer)Lozi young men (Performer) | Composer: Nyambo Mwangala (Performer)Lozi young men (Performer) | 1949/08/20 | dance, Drum, Indigenous music, Lozi, Lozi, Lungu, Mambwe, men and women, Mwangala,Nyambe, Northern Rhodesia, Siyomboka dance, Song, Southern African, Zambia, ILAM | Siyomboka dance song for men and women, accompanied by two drums. Refer ILAM field card C4M5
  5. Composer: Small girls and small boys | 1948/04/25 | Budya, dance, Kwaya, Song, Southern African, Southern Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, ILAM | Dance song for Kwaya danceRefer ILAM field card AL3
  6. Composer: Chaminuka Band | 1952/02/19 | band, Chaminuka Band, dance, Southern African, Towu, Tsaba-Tsaba, Zimbabwe, ILAM | Dance band playing the Tsaba-tsaba. Refer ILAM field card F1Z1
  7. Composer: S ChipipaMen and women | 1949/07/27 | Chipipa,Samukonga, conical, dance, Drum, Luchazi, mine, Northern Rhodesia, Sepa, Song, Southern African, Zambia, ILAM | Sepa dance song for men and women, accompanied by 4 conical drumsRefer ILAM field card C3O1
  8. Composer: Solomon Linda's Original Evening Birds (Performer)Composer not specified | 1948-00-00 | dance, Guitar, KwaZulu-Natal, Mbube, Natal, Solomon Linda, Solomon Linda's Original Evening Birds, South Africa, Southern African, Vocal, Zulu, Zululand, ILAM | Vocal. Further details refer ILAM record TP3572
  9. Composer: Bemba boys | 1949/07/18 | Bemba, Bemba, Central African, dance, Mishiki, Northern Rhodesia, Song, Zambia, ILAM | Dance song for Mishiki danceRefer ILAM field card C3F5
  10. Composer: Mukomondera Moyo | 1951/06/27 | dance, drinking, Karanga, Moyo,Mukomondera, Shona, Song, Southern African, Southern Rhodesia, tune, Zimbabwe, ILAM | Dance song performed when drinking. Refer ILAM field card E2X4a


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